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The EBHCP team comes from different departments and research units from across the Faculty of Health Sciences. To ask a question or find out more, click on one of the contacts below.

Dr Benjamin KaginaEBHCP Leader



Email:  Benjamin.Kagina@uct.ac.za



Associate Professor Mark EngelEBHCP Co-leader



Email:  Mark.Engel@uct.ac.za



Mr James IrlamEBHCP Co-leader



Email:  James.Irlam@uct.ac.za



Associate Professor Rudzani MuloiwaEBHCP Advisory Member



Email:  Rudzani.Muloiwa@uct.ac.za



Professor Gregory HusseyEBHCP Advisory Member



Email:  Gregory.Hussey@uct.ac.za



Professor Landon MyerEBHCP Advisory Member



Email:  Landon.Myer@uct.ac.za




Professor Charles WiysongeEBHCP Advisory Member



Email:  Charles.Wiysonge@mrc.ac.za